Sometimes you have to go away

Sometimes you have to go away to learn something about yourself. You have to overhear a conversation between two strangers who are sitting behind you speaking English at dusk in an Italian town by the sea. You have to resist the urge to turn your head as the man asks the woman if she knows what the true definition of indecisive is. You have to take a bite of your gnocchi, pretending to be consumed by what is in front of you, and wait patiently until he answers his own question. You have to listen, even though you are trying to figure out what circumstances have prompted this conversation, when he says it’s fear of making a mistake. You have to listen over the clang of forks on plates when he says it’s ok to make a mistake. You have to listen as the world rearranges itself when he says make mistakes. You have to listen because you are not indecisive you are afraid of making a mistake.



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