I’ve been drawn to it lately and I find myself out in the world looking for it. Not that I didn’t like color before. This is different. A shift that’s so welcome. After the election I found myself only being able to take black and white pictures that were filled with weight.

It seems a stage of grief has passed. And though there is still so much darkness and pain that I’m reminded of when I turn on the news, I’m in a different place. Noticing. And feeling. And wanting to see all of the iterations of color. To see colors in different shapes and combinations. And I am not (yet?) a painter so I find myself walking the streets of the city, looking.

I’ve also come across a few artists that are giving me so much inspiration right now:

  • Sofie Grevelius . Her instagram has quickly become one of my favorite for her playful, ambiguous perspective on the built environment that she later translates into pieces of art in her studio.
  • I recently came across Richard Tuttle’s work. !
  • And Kristin Texiera’s memory maps. It looks like she is currently working on a series of maps based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, which is a favorite book of mine and I can’t wait to see what she makes.

Since this shift I’ve felt things brewing in my head. Vague, peripheral thoughts on language, art and space. I’m learning, slowly, to sit with half-formed thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, it’s even just a word that bubbles up and I’m not sure what to do with. So I write it down. Give it space.

And return to the city with my camera.



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