Shape of Days


Here I am. And I feel like a bumbling, awkward teenager, which was unexpected. Keeping a blog has been a part of my weekly routine for many years and then I just stopped. I didn’t have the intention of stopping. But isn’t that so much of life? Choices disguised as inevitability?

I thought about this post as being an update on the past 7 months – a continuation of the conversation from my last post. Am I happy with my move downtown? How has life changed and how have I changed?

That may come but for now, while I’m still getting my sea legs, I’ll just report on this past weekend. About its almost perfectness. Maybe it was perfect. Maybe perfect is defined by our experiences and not the other way around.

Or maybe it’s best to talk about it not in terms of its perfectness but in its roundness. I like to think of days as having shapes. Mostly, it was the food that imbued the weekend with fullness and stillness. Time was parked, out of sight.

Saturday, we finally got out to the community patio and grilled pork tenderloin marinated in a cilantro-based sauce. Mike threw some pineapple on there as well. Shortly after we started up the grill a man and his father walked up with a plate of raw meat and we offered to share the grill. They had moved in two days ago. We talked about the city and food and were joined by the man’s brother and daughter – a 7 month old with a head full of dark curly hair. Immediately they asked if I wanted to hold her. I told them, as I was holding her, how heartwarming it is to see young children and babies in the city. The man looked at me dumbfounded and asked if there were not a lot of kids in the city. They were from another culture, one that doesn’t share the idea that you need a house and a yard to have a kid. These are the moments I live for. Where a sentence can bring you into another world, another way of looking at something, at the same thing. Before parting ways they gave us two pieces of their freshly grilled steak, perfectly juicy with a thin, crispy layer of char. A perfect appetizer for our pork, arugula salad and dark and stormy’ s.

We made it to the farmer’s market on Sunday and loaded up with peas, rhubarb, broccoli, salad greens, chives, cilantro (2 big bunches!), bacon and eggs. At home we put a few cups of quinoa in the rice cooker and as I cleaned the vegetables Mike threw together a big batch of cilantro sauce. Veggies were chopped and put into the cooked quinoa – a salad to last the week. Mike made rhubarb spritzers and the sun spilled into our apartment. Lunch was sliced leftover pork and pineapple on a toasted bagel with cilantro sauce, feta and sriracha. A sandwich to be remembered and made again. We capped off the weekend celebrating my niece’s one year birthday, eating tacos and getting soaked intermittently by giggling, running toddlers with squirt guns.





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