Slow and Fast Sunday

sunday-1-4 sunday-3sunday-8

This past Sunday’s slow morning transitioned into whizzing pavement, trees, shrubs and cornfields. Around noon Mike proposed the idea of biking near Port Washington. By 2 we were all packed up and on the road. We rode from Port Washington to Belgium and then over to Harrington Beach State Park. The sun was starting to make its way below the tree line by the time we got there, which scattered light on the sand and water. The lake was churning and we stopped, closed our eyes and listened to it.

We rode back to Port Washington and ate dinner at a restaurant just off the water. The food was ok but the Moon Man’s, Dave Matthews Band (hello 1994!) on the speakers, and fresh lake air made up for any culinary shortcomings.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, might I suggest biking 25 miles and drinking two Moon Man’s? It’ll tucker you right out.

(Or if you don’t have a bike, just listening to Remember When (Side A) by The Black Keys and drinking two Moon Man’s is suggested as well.)


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