Another week has gone by which means it’s been two weeks since we returned from our Europe trip. I feel like a computer with an annoying pop up that alerts the user for endless amounts of minutes that it’s processing…

Slowly, though, we’ve gotten back into a routine. Meals are being cooked at home, regular bed times are, for the most part, being followed, and jobs are being attended. This last bit of summer is being enjoyed and the yearning for more travel is a lovely accompaniment to warm, sticky nights drinking beer with friends.

Here are three pics from Budapest. I think I’ll keep sharing short sets of pictures from the trip. 

Also wanted to share a couple of things I loved this week:

– This interview with writer Paulo Coehlo. “You have to accept your contradictions, and you have to learn to live with your contradictions. Otherwise, you become a block of stone that never changes.”

– This interview with photographer David duChemin. “I have a lot of ‘aha’ moments. My friends say one of my biggest talents is my ability to reinvent myself. I think it’s the ability to wake up one morning and realize that I’m becoming a different person and the labels that have been applied for one part of my life no longer apply.”

This blog post by photographer Brian Ferry. “Put away your precious spoons and mason jars and other props, and stop purposefully styling the food to look artfully messed-up.” Also, all the pictures on his blog.

This photo set by Viviane Sassen. I can’t stop thinking about it.

This sourdough starter I just got in the mail. Stay tuned on that…

Happy weekending!




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